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Credibility at work is a path to success

Building credibility is essential for success at work and requires more than just knowledge and competence. Often, employees who work hard and do their jobs well may not get the recognition they deserve. Here are some tips to help build credibility in the workplace.

Firstly, don’t just wait for tasks to be assigned, but take the initiative to identify stakeholders and customers’ unmet needs. Identify areas that will deliver the biggest impact, or important issues that need attention. By doing work that no one is paying attention to, you can establish yourself as someone who goes above and beyond.

Secondly, don’t say that certain tasks are not your job. Showing resistance to certain kinds of work makes you inflexible and less reliable when new opportunities arise. Credibility is built by gauging the need of the hour and making yourself available to contribute where your presence will matter.

Thirdly, have a strong sense of agency. Approach problems with high agency and find creative ways to solve problems, rather than waiting for someone else to unblock you. Others come to rely on you for problems with unknowns and uncertainties when they see that you are capable of pushing through in the face of adversity.

Finally, proactively identify problems and create a plan to tackle them upfront. Rather than being reactive, anticipate what might get in the way and create a plan to solve these issues. By addressing the risks and obstacles, you increase your chances of success, and this will establish you as someone who thinks ahead.

In conclusion, building credibility at work requires taking the initiative and being proactive in identifying and solving problems. It is also important to have a strong sense of agency and not shy away from tasks that may not be directly related to your job profile. By doing so, you establish yourself as someone who is reliable, flexible, and capable of pushing through in the face of adversity.

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Last modified: 2023-05-15