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Exploring the New Features of Peppermint OS 11

Peppermint OS 11, the latest release in the Peppermint OS lineup, brings a host of exciting new features and improvements. Released on February 2, 2022, this general-purpose distribution, based on Debian, offers a lightweight, fast, and resource-efficient computing experience. Let’s delve into the notable additions and enhancements in Peppermint OS 11 and see why it’s worth exploring.

Improved User Experience

Peppermint OS 11 introduces the “Welcome to Peppermint” application, which adds a personal touch to the system. By allowing users to install their preferred software packages and web browser during setup, Peppermint OS 11 customizes the user experience from the start. Additionally, the inclusion of “Peppermint Hub” streamlines system management by combining “Peppermint Settings” with the “Control Center.” This integration provides users with a convenient and centralized approach to managing their system.

Cloud Computing Integration

A standout feature of Peppermint OS 11 is its seamless integration with cloud computing. Users can leverage cloud services to access their files, settings, and applications from anywhere, offering flexibility and portability. This cloud-centric approach enhances productivity and allows for a consistent experience across multiple devices.

Transition to XFCE 4.16.2

Peppermint OS 11 marks a transition from the LXDE desktop environment to XFCE 4.16.2. This shift brings a refreshed graphical interface, improved performance, and a more modern look and feel. The new Calamares installer replaces the previous Ubiquity installer, streamlining the installation process. During installation, users are presented with a collection of desktop wallpapers, icons, and XFCE themes to personalize their desktop environment. Furthermore, the switch to Nemo as the default file manager offers users a feature-rich and user-friendly file management experience.


Peppermint OS 11 continues to impress with its new features and enhancements. The transition to XFCE 4.16.2 brings a visually appealing and improved performance to the desktop environment. The “Welcome to Peppermint” application and “Peppermint Hub” provide users with a more personalized and streamlined experience. The seamless integration of cloud computing adds flexibility and convenience to users’ workflows. With its lightweight design, resource-efficient nature, and strong community support, Peppermint OS 11 remains an excellent choice for those seeking a fast, reliable, and customizable operating system.


  1. Can I upgrade to Peppermint OS 11 from the previous version?

    Yes, existing users of Peppermint OS can upgrade to version 11 by following the upgrade instructions provided by the Peppermint OS community.
  2. Does Peppermint OS 11 support software applications not available in the cloud?

    Peppermint OS 11 supports both cloud-based applications and traditional locally installed software. Users have the flexibility to choose their preferred applications and install them accordingly.
  3. How can I customize the appearance of Peppermint OS 11?

    Peppermint OS 11 provides various customization options, including desktop wallpapers, icons, and XFCE themes. Users can personalize their system by selecting the desired visual elements from the available options.
  4. Is Nemo a suitable replacement for Thunar as the file manager?

    Nemo is a feature-rich file manager that offers a user-friendly interface and advanced functionality. Its inclusion in Peppermint OS 11 provides users with a powerful file management tool.
  5. Is Peppermint OS 11 compatible with older hardware?

    Peppermint OS 11 is designed to be lightweight and resource-efficient, making it suitable for older hardware configurations. Users can enjoy a smooth and responsive experience on their aging machines.

Experience the power and versatility of Peppermint OS 11 today! You can download Peppermint OS 11 from the official website: https://peppermintos.com

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